Piggy Back Plant – Tolmiea Menziesii

  • 31/10/2020 7:35 pm
  • Victoria

The PiggyBack Plant – Tolmiea menziesii.

45mm tube stock $5.00 ea x 20 available.

100mm black plastic pot $10 ea x 10 available.
135mm terracotta pot $17.95 ea x 5 available.
200mm plastic pot $29.00 ea x 4 available

One of the easiest indoor plants, extremely low maintenance and easy to care for. These plants grow among the redwoods of the Pacific Northwest in the United States forming a green carpet of spreading ground cover in the dappled light. Renowned for its unique growth style, where new plantlets form on older leaves giving the appearance that leaves are piggybacking on each other. Grown mainly as indoor plants, they also grow well in the garden or on a balcony especially in shaded areas. The piggyback is most suitable for hanging baskets and containers.

Height – To around 60 cm
Spread – To around 60 cm
Evergreen – Yes
Soil – Humus rich moist and well drained.
Light – Filtered, away from direct sunlight. Bright indirect light is preferred.
Temperature – Tomieas will tolerate a broad range of temperatures. Protect from frost and extreme heat.
Watering – Water plant when the top of the soil feels slightly dry. Let the pot drain completely and never allow the plant to stand in water. In winter, water sparingly and allow more time between each watering so the soil has time to dry a bit more than usual.
Foliage – Mid green heart shaped leaves with a fuzzy texture.
Flowers – Small brown flowers in winter/spring. Indoor flowering is unusual.
Fertilizer – Indoors, an application of a liquid seaweed fertilizer will promote good growth. In good soil outdoors an application of a general purpose slow release type fertilizer is adequate.

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