We live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills with our four daughters between us, our dog, cat and rabbit…aaaand a couple of hundred indoor plants!

We’re pretty obsessed with finding our ‘unicorn’ plant…but it seems as soon as we find it, we spy another mirage over the rainbow! We know you’re nodding right now.

Indoor Plant Trader is created to help you buy and sell your special plants, and feed your ‘regular’ plant habit of course – an entirely healthy addiction by our standards – by providing a dedicated online marketplace connecting indoor plant lovers, from individuals to retailers and wholesale nurseries.

From the Nonna who didn’t realise she could sell cuttings from her enormous 30-year-old monstera newly discovered by her plant-savvy niece, to the specialist propagator with the half a dozen variegated cuttings worth more than a trip to Bali, to the commercial supplier with 100 fiddle leaf figs to shift pronto – Indoor Plant Trader easily helps you buy, sell or swap your precious flora.


We’d like to thank all the people who have helped us achieve our dream to build this unique platform…you know who you are! And to the whole (healthily) obsessed Australian indoor plant community for your encouragement and support. You are our tribe, and it means a lot.

Welcome to Indoor Plant Trader Australia – the NEW online marketplace for indoor plants. We hope you successfully sell your plant babies and also find what you’re looking for!

Kelly & Dave

ps. tell your friends – please and thank you!